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Duluth, MN 55804

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General Info: info@DogDynasty.Dog

Diane: Diane.Craig@DogDynasty.Dog

Jim: Jim.Craig@DogDynasty.Dog

Robin: Robin.Brown@DogDynasty.Dog

Perfect10 Border Collies

Topgun's Quintessential Uptown Lass aka "Quinn" DOB: 3/22/2008

Quinn is a 36lb, 18” dynamo! She is extremely athletic

with a natural jumping style and ability to use her body

well with a great deal of power. Even though she seems to

compete at one speed (warp), she is able to turn off and

chill out at home. She is serious while working but has a

very gregarious personality. Like all Borders, she usually

figures out what you are asking of her and finds a way to

do it her way which is usually by the shortest route. Among

the dogs I have owned and trained in the past 50 years,

she is one in a million!


Perfect10's Limited Edition aka "Shimmer"

DOB: 9/3/2013

Night Flight's Blue Dreamer "Dream" x Topgun's Quintessential Uptown Lass "Quinn"

Shimmer is a wonderful girl and her co-owner, Janet Mabrey, has been competing with her in agility, along with Quinn's granddaughter (Shimmers daughter) Tyra. Both are doing very well and love being a part of Janet and Johnie's household.

Perfect10's Quintessential Mirror Image aka "Lizzi"

DOB: 1/9/2015

MACH Brighteye Making Waves "Sonic" x Topgun's Quintessential Uptown Lass "Quinn"

Lizzi is the best of both parents, lightening fast and wicked smart. She is a #30, 19.5" jet fighter that can collect and turn faster than you can blink. Look for her to be starting her competitive career in agility by early spring 2018.

Perfect10's Tried And Tru Blu aka "Tru"    DOB: 7/5/2015

Perfect10's At Long Last aka "Vibe"     DOB: 7/5/2015

OffOn The Dark Side "Vader" x Perfect10's Limited Edition "Shimmer"

Tru is the third member of our 'pack'. He is a handsome, blue merle boy, and very sweet like his parents. He will be working in both obedience and agility and hopes to show up his sister, Vibe, who is owned and loved by our daughter Robin.