Dog Dynasty Duluth, LLC

(Arrowhead Dog

Training, LLC)



5153 N Tischer Road

Duluth, MN 55804

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General Info: info@DogDynasty.Dog

Diane: Diane.Craig@DogDynasty.Dog

Jim: Jim.Craig@DogDynasty.Dog

Robin: Robin.Brown@DogDynasty.Dog


We no longer allow any outwardly aggressive dogs (toward persons or other dogs) into the regular classes without a private consultation where we will make the determination whether the dog will be allowed into a group class setting. A consult is $60 for an hour/$30 for a half hour and during that time, we will assess the behavior of the dog and teach you how to deal with any concerns the dog may have, if necessary.

We sincerely believe this will help ALL in question as we strive to make sure anyone who comes to Dog Dynasty has a safe enviornment in which to work and learn.

Since our adult entry level classes are full for this session, you may let us know if you want to be on a waitlist for any cancellations that may occur before the class begins. Call or email if this is what you would like to do, or you may alternately sign up for the next session which begins in March.

Ollie working out on his Fit Paws peanut

in class at Dog Dynasty.