Dog Dynasty Duluth, LLC

(Arrowhead Dog

Training, LLC)



5153 N Tischer Road

Duluth, MN 55804

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General Info: info@DogDynasty.Dog

Diane: Diane.Craig@DogDynasty.Dog

Jim: Jim.Craig@DogDynasty.Dog

Robin: Robin.Brown@DogDynasty.Dog

Dog Dynasty Duluth LLC is a family owned and operated business founded back in 1970

by Dan and Rita Herald under the name Arrowhead Dog Training Academy. Since then it has become a premier training facility for professional dog training.


DDD is currently owned and operated by their daughter, Diane Craig and

her husband Jim. Dog Dynasty Duluth offers instruction in Obedience and Agility, as

well as private lessons, behavioral consultations, obedience

and agility trials and matches and more!


A new merchandising venture under this new name was founded in 2014

by Jim and Diane Craig and their daughter Robin Brown.

The Dog Dynasty store offers quality dog training products at competitive prices.


Diane trained her first dog as a young teen in the late 1960’s and over the

years has continued to train and compete with her dogs in Obedience and

Agility. She has always had an inquisitive nature when it comes to dog

training and behavior and continues to this day seeking and gaining more

knowledge in all aspects of the canine in order to bring the best to her

clients. Her current canine partner is Quinn, a 10-year old Border Collie

who is her competition partner as well as her business partner.


Jim formally trained his first dog in Obedience and Agility in the early 1990’s;

a German Shepherd named Sally. Since then he has worked with the

multitude of dogs that have made their way through the household through

the Border Collie rescue program. Being a custom cabinet maker by trade,

he is the genius behind all the training equipment and obstacles, maintainer

and remodeler of the facility as well as being Diane’s right hand during class.


In addition to Quinn, her daughter Lizzi, has just begun her formal training career

along with the latest addition to the Craig family, Tru. Tru is Quinn's grandson

and he is a handsome blue merle boy. Jim and Diane will be sharing time with both

Lizzi and Tru as they continue their training journey.


Robin trained her first dog as a teenager and went on to work with a 

Miniature Pinscher named Lexi. Since Lexi had a less than desireable start to her

life, Robin has spent a great deal of time working through undesireable behaviors

with her and has gone on to gain numerous agility titles and championships as well as

several obedience titles. Robin has wholeheartedly embraced the shaping and positive

reinforcement training methods we employ and has become a very astute trainer.

She is currently working with Quinn's grandaughter (and Tru's sister), Vibe. Vibe is also

lightening fast and wicked smart like her Auntie Liz. We certainly like to keep it in the

family! Robin is presently an instructor of obedience and agility in the Twin Cities.


Jim and Diane currently have three Border Collies living with them at their

hobby farm not far from the DDD facility; Robin currently resides in North St. Paul, MN.


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